Best Ways to Repair a Cracked Tooth

How to Fix a Cracked Tooth in OKC

Have a cracked tooth? In Oklahoma City, one of the most common emergencies we see are broken and cracked teeth. Whether you accidentally bite down on something too hard or break a tooth during some type of activity, our OKC cracked tooth repair options can get you smiling again before you know it.

Symptoms of Cracked Teeth

Sometimes a cracked tooth is completely obvious. At other times, it’s more subtle and harder to diagnose. A cracked tooth will generally experience pain when biting down or releasing biting pressure. Dr. Saxon can use a special tool to check for cracks during your exam, since they don’t always show up on an X-ray.

Treatment Options for Cracked Tooth Repair

If you have a fractured tooth, cracked tooth repair will typically involve one of the following scenarios:

Dental Crown — In the best case scenario, you’ll want to place a crown over your cracked tooth. Dr. Saxon can customize your crown for optimal durability as well as dazzling aesthetic appeal. Your restored tooth will help compliment your overall smile and blend in with neighboring teeth. Crowns — also called “caps” by some people — cover your entire chipped tooth and disperse pressure to reduce further fractures.

Crown and Root Canal — Depending on how deep the fracture or crack extends into your tooth, it might involve the nerve tissues. Any time the nerve of a tooth is compromised, endodontic therapy is required. A gentle root canal treatment topped off with a crown can help you preserve your tooth and avoid an extraction.

Dental Extraction — At a certain point, cracked teeth can’t be put back together again. Especially if the crack extends down through the length of the tooth root or splits the tooth in two. Even a dental crown with a root canal cannot hold it together well enough for normal everyday use. At that point the only option left is to remove the tooth altogether.

What About a Filling or Bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is best for minor chips and surface flaws. And fillings? They require intact enamel around them to keep them in place. If your tooth is seriously cracked, neither can provide the same level of reinforcement and protection that a dental crown can offer.

The Risks of Waiting

If you’re old enough to remember your grandmother complaining about a “run” in her nylon stockings, that’s sort of the same scenario you get with a cracked tooth. Unless it’s stopped as quickly as possible, the crack can spread further and further down the tooth and into the root. At that point, repairing it becomes quite iffy.

It’s the safest bet to repair your cracked tooth with a dental crown from OKC dentist as soon as possible.

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