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Decayed, broken or chipped teeth don’t have to be the end of a beautiful smile. At Saxon Dentistry, we strive for total patient satisfaction and if you’re dealing with a troublesome tooth the time is right to give us a call and find out if a dental crown could be just the fix you’re looking for.


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What are Dental Crowns?

Think of crowns as tiny caps or covers that fit on top of a tooth that has been affected by damage or decay. If a cavity has grown too large to be replaced with a filling, or a tooth is broken, Dr. Saxon may recommend a crown to turn around your smile.

Crowns can be made of any number of materials, including metal, porcelain or ceramics. They are custom fitted and placed on top of the affected tooth to restore your natural bite.

Dental Crown Placement

Why is a Crown Necessary?

Tooth decay can spread quickly within a tooth and one damaged tooth can affect the rest of the mouth. Capping or crowning an imperfect tooth is imperative if you want to keep a healthy smile.


How is a Crown Installed?

Every crown is unique, just like every one of our patients is unique, so, the process can be a little different for everyone.

If the level of decay is so severe that it reaches the interior (pulp) of the tooth, a root canal may be necessary before placing a crown. With or without a root canal, Dr. Saxon will next create a solid foundation by filing the tooth down to make room for your new crown. A temporary crown will be installed while we fabricate your customized permanent crown.

When you come back for the permanent crown, it is bonded strongly to the existing part of the tooth using a powerful adhesive.

Once the permanent crown is in place, treat it like any other tooth and don’t forget to brush and floss just as you would otherwise. Crowns don’t prevent things like gum disease and they can chip or fall out if the surrounding teeth are not well taken care of. With proper care, dental crowns look, feel and function just like your natural tooth.


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