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It’s important to replace damaged or missing teeth in order to maintain a healthy smile. More than just cosmetics, not replacing missing teeth can cause your teeth to shift and lead to oral function issues. A common dental restoration to address this is with a dental bridge. A dental bridge will fill in the gaps of your smile with artificial teeth that look and function just like your normal teeth.

Dental Bridge Procedure

The neighboring healthy teeth of where you are missing teeth will be reshaped. These teeth are reshaped so that they can receive dental crowns. In between the two dental crowns will be the artificial teeth to cover where you were once missing teeth. We then take a digital impression of the area that we send off to our dental lab. By using a digital impression, there will be no traditional goopy mess for you to worry about. In about two weeks’ time, your new permanent bridge should be ready. We will anchor the new bridge into place and you will leave with a complete, confident smile!

Dental Bridge

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Dental Bridge Benefits

A dental bridge can replace up to three missing teeth in a row. They are durable and effective in providing patients with a long-term solution to tooth loss. Dental bridges are minimally invasive and restore one’s ability to talk and eat normally again. They also prevent other teeth from shifting.

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