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Dental sealants are a simple yet efficient treatment to preserve the chewing (occlusal) surfaces of your back teeth. If you have a healthy mouth, this painless procedure is a great way to keep it that way even longer!

What Are Dental Sealants?

We chew our food with the teeth toward the back of our mouth, the ones that feel bumpy if you run your tongue along them. Those teeth are made to work quite a bit every day, breaking down all different kinds of things we consume. However, every bite ever so gently grinds down that important surface. This happens to everyone over time, but in recent years dental sealants have arrived to protect your teeth and help them stay healthy even longer.

Sealants are a thin, protective coating placed onto the chewing surfaces. They serve as a buffer to keep harmful bacteria, plaque and acids off your teeth. This also cuts down one possible avenue of decay, preserving the tooth’s overall strength even longer.

Protect Your Teeth From Cavities!

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Who Can Get Dental Sealants?

Typically, sealants are given to children, but adults with healthy teeth could be candidates as well. The most important factor is what kind of shape those back (molar and premolar) teeth are in. If you’re already showing any sign of decay, it’s too late to place a sealant. Sealants need to be monitored as they too will wear down over time, but modern applications typically last for years.

How Are Dental Sealants Placed?

Getting a sealant is virtually painless and involves no anesthesia. To begin, a hygienist will clear out any food debris from your biting surface, then dry the tooth before brushing on the sealant material. The sealant is then quickly dried and after about 30 seconds of drying – and one last check from our team – you’ll be able to chew like normal on the very same day.


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