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When you become a patient at Saxon Dentistry you become more than just that – you become a part of our family. So when the time comes to expand your family, bring your little ones to our office to get them started on a lifelong journey to excellent oral health.

When Should I Bring My Child to the Dentist?

A good rule of thumb is when the child’s first tooth erupts or by their first birthday you should plan on bringing them in for their first dental visit. In fact, oral care starts at home. From the earliest possible date use an infant gum massager or clean gauze to wipe your child’s gums and brush the gum line to get your kid use to the feeling. By the time your child turns 2 years old, you can start using a gentle toothpaste and brushing along the surface of the teeth.

What’s more, bringing a child to the dentist’s office before his or her first birthday is the best way to ensure your little one won’t grow up to be afraid of the dentist’s chair. Dental anxiety affects a large number of children and adults. Bringing your child to a patient-centric, family-friendly Oklahoma City dental office like Saxon Dentistry sets them up with happy memories for a lifetime of regular checkups.

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What to Watch For

There are a few conditions that can impact your child from a very young age, so be on the lookout for either of the following:

Baby Bottle Decay: If you’re regularly giving your baby a bottle, be careful not to let him or her fall asleep with the bottle. Closely monitor the amount of time the bottle is being used as well, especially if you’re giving your child sugary liquids or using the bottle as a pacifier. The frequent exposure or pooling of sugary liquids around the teeth can cause tooth decay.

Pacifier Dependence: A pacifier can be a parent’s best friend but overusing a pacifier can cause damage to your child’s teeth and gums. What’s more, overuse of a pacifier may lead to long-term thumb or finger sucking. Kids who suck their thumbs beyond about age 2 are at greater risk for crooked teeth and bite problems.

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But Don’t Baby Teeth Fall Out?

Yes, your child’s baby teeth are not going to stick around forever, but just because they’re bound for the Tooth Fairy doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of them. Baby teeth serve as placeholders for permanent teeth and help guide those new teeth into place. Furthermore, baby teeth are there when a child is learning how to bite, chew and speak. Unhealthy teeth can make these tasks more challenging.

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"My family has always felt lucky to be patients of Dr. Saxon, but I want to post a quick story of what a caring person he is. This weekend my five year old daughter tripped and fell and broke out three teeth on the process. Dr. Saxon dropped what he was doing to meet us on a Sunday and examine our daughter. Fortunately, all is well and soon enough her permanent teeth will come in. Dr. Saxon helped calm us before what could have been a long night or worry. Dr. Saxon has done crowns and fixed cavities and his office handles our cleanings. From experience, we know he is one of the best. If you are looking for a great dentist. You have found one here."

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