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There’s no reason you need to live with discolored teeth anymore. Technological advances have made teeth whitening easy, effective and affordable. Our dental office is proud to offer Phillips ZOOM in-office whitening in Oklahoma City to give you back an attractive, confident smile. Walk out of our office in less than an hour, shades whiter than before.

How Does the ZOOM Treatment Work?

If you’re a coffee drinker, soda drinker, or smoker, you’re probably experiencing some yellowing or discoloration of your teeth. Even the natural process of aging can change the color of our teeth over time. If that staining has you hesitating to smile wide, we have good news: The ZOOM treatment can fix that.

ZOOM can whiten teeth up to eight shades, and the process takes no more than 45 minutes and can have you out of the office with no increased sensitivity or discomfort. There are two treatments available: the ZOOM QuickPro and the ZOOM WhiteSpeed.

Whiten Your Teeth w/ Zoom! Whitening

Professional In-Office Whitening

ZOOM QuickPro

This option is for patients on the run as it takes just 30 minutes and has you out the door with teeth up to four shades whiter. It can even be applied at the end of a regular checkup.

The QuickPro works simply. A thin coat of whitening varnish is applied to the teeth in need of whitening and covered immediately by a protective sealant. You get to go home at that point, and 30 minutes later just brush off the varnish to reveal whiter teeth.

ZOOM WhiteSpeed

To receive even more dramatic results and whiten up to eight shades, the WhiteSpeed is right for you. To do this, a blue LED light is shined onto your teeth and adjusted for your comfort. We can do this up to three times during a 45-minute visit, and when we get to the shade of white you want a gel will be applied to protect the newly whitened teeth.

You’ll walk out of the office with brighter teeth, plus we’ll send you home with an additional few whitening trays that you can use to give your smile a little extra boost if needed.

Will My Teeth Stay White?

After you’ve committed the time and money to whiten your teeth, we're sure you want them to stay that way! The best way to keep teeth shining is with regular care – including brushing at least twice a day and flossing once a day – and staying on schedule with your dental cleanings and exams. Additionally, ask us about take-home whitening trays that can be used periodically to pro-long your whitening results. Avoiding things like coffee and tobacco, and drinking dark-colored beverages through a straw will help, too.


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