Spring Teeth Cleaning Healthy Oral Habits

Oklahoma City Dental Office: Spring Teeth Cleaning Checklist

It’s that time of year: Spring Cleaning! But your house and your car aren’t the only things that can use an extra boost of freshness. If you’ve been wearing a mask for the last some-odd months, your smile does too!

Follow these spring smile tips from our OKC dental office:

Clean Those Nooks and Crannies

When you’re spring cleaning your house, you’re getting in all of those areas you don’t typically dust, sweep, mop, or wipe down. Unfortunately, there are parts of our mouth that fall into the same category. What are we talking about? Flossing, of course! Fortunately, if you hate flossing, you can always swap it out for a water flosser to make it easier to reach all of those in-between and hard-to-reach spaces. Use it daily to keep your gums tight and teeth stable.

Invest in a Tongue Scraper

Our tongues house approximately 90% of the bacteria that cause bad breath. A tongue scraper is a more thorough way to clean away biofilm and food debris off your tongue than a standard toothbrush. It can take a little practice if you tend to have a sensitive gag reflex, but once you get the hang of tongue scraping, you’ll never turn back.

Upgrade Your Toothbrush

How long have you been using your current toothbrush (or if it’s electric: your toothbrush head)? If it’s been 3-4 months, it’s time to toss it. Over time, bristles get bent and frayed to the point where they aren’t actually cleaning your teeth as well as they’re supposed to. When it comes to toothbrushes, you typically get what you pay for. If you want advice on the best electric toothbrush, our Oklahoma City dentist can point you in the right direction.

Consider Swapping Out Your Cleaning Products

How long have you been using your particular toothpaste or mouthwash brand? Were they recommended by a dentist? Oral product isles in the grocery store can be overwhelming, but each formula is designed for something different. Using the wrong one could actually have unwanted side effects after a few months, such as extra tooth stain, dry mouth, or sensitive teeth. If you’re not sure where to turn, we can send you home with a few different samples during your checkup appointment to help you try the ones that are best for your particular smile needs.

Book a Teeth Cleaning

Visit our dentist for your six-month checkup and professional dental cleaning in Oklahoma City. We’ll gently clean off any tartar buildup and polish away surface stains that have been accumulating from all of those dark beverages you’ve been sipping on. And we can point out specific parts of your mouth that may need a little extra attention on a day-to-day basis.

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OKC Dentist Dr. Chris Saxon earned his doctorate from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. Rather than merely fixing a problem that a patient presents, he strives to evaluate why the problem exists in the first place. His insatiable appetite for knowledge has him constantly learning through 150+ hours of continuing education every year and traveling extensively to stay ahead of the latest technological advances in dentistry.

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